Media update w.1916

  • I just can’t let go of this. The happiness Tiger shows raising his arms – Here’s the Guardian’s summary of what happened the last 14 years Youtube
  • Jeff Bezos 4 key success factors:
    • Customer obsession
    • Eagerness to invent
    • Long-term thinking
    • Operational excellence INC


  • All there is to know about Pintrest’s IPO NYTimes
  • Melinda Gates on how the VC industry funnels money to white men (in a vast majority) Wired
  • Facial recognition is becoming a standard in China – an AI system that no European ethics board can control (see last week) NYTimes
  • The UK Government’s guidelines on how to handle harmful content on social media GovUK
  • Both Pintrest $PINS and Zoom $ZM were listed on DJ and NASDAQ respectively on Thursday. Bankers advised to keep pricing ranges lower as Lyft has dropped roughly 19% from listing price since its IPO WSJ


  • Game of Thrones final season: Most viewer ever with 17.1 M viewers in the US. In China however distributors cut 6 minutes from the episode TheGuardian
  • The value of global copyrights for music exceeded USD 27 Bn in 2017 – how does that stack up to the valuations of Spotify and others? Musicbusiness
  • James Murdoch seems to be going on an independent path after the USD 71.3 Bn Disney deal Hollywoodreporter
  • Netflix trying to make their “What to watch” problem easier to overcome by adding a shuffle episode option TechCrunch. Here are some more suggestions from TechCrunch:
    • Netflix theme channels
    • Short-film bundles
    • Nightly water-cooler pick (Game of Thrones premiere (only they don’t have it)) TechCrunch
  • Netflix beat their Q1 earnings estimates but more importantly said services like Disney+ likely won’t effect their subscriber numbers a quote that means a lot in the media space CNBC
  • Survey says a price increase in Netflix’ subscription price would leave it without 29% of its American consumers who are more interested in an ad-supported version StreamingObserver
  • One of the Co_Made companies (New Stories) have reached a great success with its story “Eagles” aired on SVT Play as the most viewed SVOD series during the time period amongst youths VipåTV


  • The things Uber probably doesn’t want you to consider in their IPO QZ – one being revenue growth declining significantly in its core business WSJ
  • Uber further reached a deal in which they financed their self-driving car unit with USD 1 Bn ahead of the IPO WSJ


  • Seven identified success factors of the best AR/VR startups out there to date Venturebeat
  • NextTech opens AR entertainment studio in Hollywood Siliconangle


  • Podcasting shows significant growth and here are the most relevant data points to know Musicoomph
  • Some more statistics on podcasts, like how they are more likely to buy juice Nielsen and the predominant way of purchasing ads is still per 1000 views IAB



  • Ford CTO explains why self-driving cars are a messy but super interesting project Recode

Finance & Politics

  • The game of Private Equity Thrones Pitchbook

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