Media update w.1917

  • Professor from UCL says technology cuts young people from adults and increase emotional disorder among girls and violence among boys referencing studies TheGuardian


  • Facebook hires a reputable General Counsel to manouver the latest ups an downs WSJ
  • Snap seems to have turned a corner and grew the user base of the platform again. Apart from Europe where both usage and ARPU were down significantly TechCrunch
  • Next Wester country to ban Huawei’s 5G plans is Britain where the Prime minister this week decided to ban Huawei from core parts of the 5G roll-out TheGuardian
  • Walmart opened its “store of the future” to the public – includes a lot of data gathering sensors and cameras but from what I could read I had a hard time to understand how it would enable for consumers TechCrunch
  • Google banned DO Global an app developer with more than 500 M dowloads because of fraudulent behaviour and violations to the Play Store regulations Buzzfeed


  • TikTok was banned in India – where it served 120M users – for potentially exposing children to porn and sexual predators Buzzfeed
  • What does the TikTok algorithm really mean for the next generation – here are some thoughts about TikTok’s data personal optimization Bloomberg
  • Acast acquires the four man team and 4,000 podcast strong Pippa US platform
  • What happens in the coming world of streaming when you can’t have subscriptions on all services? WSJ
  • Abigail Disney publicly comments Bob Iger’s USD 66 M per year salary saying no-one in the world is worth that much money TheGuardian
  • “Avengers: Endgame” beats earlier records with a USD 1.2 Bn revenue opening weekend and hit the first spot in more than 54 countries around the world, Disney still got it NYTimes
  • Comcast considering to sell its 30% stake in Hulu to Disney CNBC


  • Uber’s IPO date is closing in and the company aims for a USD 91 Bn and posted a loss of USD 1 Bn last quarter Gizmodo
  • Tesla promised 1M robo-taxis in 2020 (sounds like “in the future, but it’s really next year!?) Engadget


  • Apple to unveil stereo AR headset support and a range of new ARkit capabilities at WWDC according to rumours NextReality
  • Google partners with artist Childish Gambino in AR project released on the Pixel phone Google
  • Epic Games is giving away 500 Magic Leap One AR headsets to developers Venturebeat
  • Following the Magic Leap announcement Japanese telco NTT Docomo invested USD 280 M NYTimes TechCrunch wonders why investors continue to support the AR/MR company TechCrunch



  • Das Boot remake as an 8 episodes series Playpilot


  • What is 5G and why are US and China fighting about it? CNBC – Beyond the Valley Spotify

Politics and Finance

  • Earnings season:
    • Tesla: Widens loss to USD 702 M TechCrunch
    • Microsoft: Beats earnings with strong help from Azure cloud solutions TechCrunch
    • Amazon earnings doubled but revenue growth slows to 17% and started offering 1 day delivery worldwide WSJ
    • Facebook keeps growing to 2.38 Bn users TechCrunch and even facebook stories now has more than 500M users TechCrunch
  • World trade volumes plunging at the fastest pace since 2008 with higher than usual volatility the past couple of months CPB | Bloomberg

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