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  • Technology is trying to enable the real-estate market – here’s what’s going on in Stockholm on the note NYTimes and Marriott announced they are going head-to-head with AirBnB WSJ
  • WeWork filed for a ≈USD 47 Bn IPO and reported a USD 1.9 Bn loss and 1.8 Bn in revenue WSJ| Here’s what to look for TechCrunch
  • Beyond meat – one of the companies making non-meat burgers that tastes and looks like real meat burgers – priced their IPO valuating the company to USD 1.46 Bn CNBC
  • How the US intelligence services has been training dolphins to potentially execute missions TheGuardian
  • Slack going for an IPO – here’s what you want to know Investopedia
  • Apple’s iPhone sales was down 15% in Q1 2019 compared to the same period a year ago, says something about peak smartphone Apple
  • Why the latest democrat US Presidential candidates want to break-up tech and what it would actually mean Vox


  • Facebook says private is the future CNN Here’s Marc’s keynote from f8 2019.
  • The making of Amazon Prime and what it’s actually all about Vox
  • Avengers record sell-out first week-end showed cinemas still play an important role in the world of movies NyTimes


  • The electric scooter business model seems currently unprofitable according to sources DiDigital
  • Lyft hires former Google employee Tal Shaked who was Google’s first head of machine learning to lead its Machine Learning and AI efforts Google
  • Toyota launches its Second VC fund dubbed to invest in technologies for AI and autonomous driving Venturebeat
  • Tesla now the most sold car per month in Norway passing VW in March 2019 TT


  • How Augmented Reality will impact the world of on-demand deliveries Singularityhub
  • Here’s how Facebook is looking to make facial recognition through VR more secure VentureBeat
  • WSJ review of the USD 400 Oculus Quest WSJ and CNET did the same thing CNET
  • Magic Leap released a teaser video of what might be coming as a Game of Thrones experience later this year RealityNews


  • Last week we looked at the housing market in the US – here’s how Stockholm differs in price per SQM by different metro stops Booli


Finance & Politics

  • Spotify announced they reached 100 M subscribers in Q1 19 but profitability took a hit BusinessInsider

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