Media update w.1921

EU election results show greatest election participation of all times, both green and far right movements continue to strengthen. The largest differences/wins were those of the Hungarian Fides, Italian Lega and French Front National TheGuardian


  • With Huawei being blacklisted, they are going to have to rely on Android open source TheVerge
  • City of San Francisco decided to ban all facial recognition capabilities Vox | and since I’ve posted some comments about Chinese AI facial recognition start-up. Another one – Megvii raised USD 750 M ahead of planned HK IPO Reuters
  • How Nadella is thinking about the broader version of Microsoft going forward SeekingAlpha
  • Palantir seems to post-pone their IPO to 2020 Bloomberg
  • There’s a clear discrepancy between what Silicon Valley is offering and what Wall Street want to buy (see charts below) WSJ
  • Facebook’s former chief of privacy (Chris Kelly) says it wouldn’t make consumers data more protected by breaking the company up, here’s why CNBC


  • Game of Thrones finished its final season with another drink in the episode. This time it was a water bottle.  TheVerge
  • Spotify confirms their first hardware bet – an in car audio player DigitalMusicNews
  • Game of Thrones is over, and HBO finished strong with the most viewed episode ever TechCrunch
  • Thoughts on how Disney’s SVOD service will impact Netflix Forbes
  • Schibstedt invest in Podme DiDigital
  • Weinstein reached a USD 44 M settlement in sexual misconduct case WSJ


  • Bloomberg comments on how Chinese demand for electric vehicles affect the manufacturers Bloomberg
  • Uber and Lyft on the break of shifting the auto industry to no ownership Yahoo
  • How the valuation of Uber went from USD 120 Bn to 70 Bn within weeks NYTimes
  • Aurora acquires LIDAR company Blackmore TechCrunch


  • Google announced their new Google Glass to reach the market in the near future TheVerge
  • What VR headsets are currently available and how do they compare to each other? HowtoGeek
  • How social VR needs its users Wired
  • Magic Leap acquires Belgian hologram conferencing company TechCrunch
  • How Playstation is leading the path with 4.2M VR Headsets sold already Venturebeat
  • An argumentative article saying that in order for facebook to succeed with its VR play they should rebuild what Oculus have built thus far TechCrunch
  • Nike will unveil their Nike Fit AR initiative this summer, to make people move more with Nike and their smartphones in mind eMarketer
  • Niantic’s view of how AR is changing the gaming industry and about their coming Harry Potter AR game


  • More education than ever less consumption power than ever LinkedIN
  • Largest bankruptcies in US history WSJ


  • USA-podden made some interesting points about Fox News and how Democrats now have started to use the by some named Trump network as platform for their messages SR

DiDigital dug deep to learn about how Swedish startups act on travelling – not policies – actual travelling. 

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