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What it means to be content moderator at facebook and how the baggage watching abusive content 6h per day affects a moderators mental health. Imagine what it does to the victims just watching this…  TheVerge


  • Slack priced its IPO at USD 26 per share and it closed Friday at USD 37 being a market cap of ≈ USD 20 Bn Techcrunch
  • Facebook revealed they’re launching a cryptocurrency in 2020 called calibra Facebook
  • A spy used a fake LinkedIN account with an AI generated profile picture to connect with senior officials in Washington DC to learn the connection patterns AP


  • Amazon releasing its free tv-service via IMDb TV in Europe this autumn TechCrunch
  • An opinion on how Netflix is slowly reaching its peak and from there starting to decline Medium
  • Reuters institute Digital News Report (short key findings below) Reuters
    • Nordics lead online news subscriptions growth, RoW flat
    • Non-Western countries use WhatsApp (large) groups with people they don’t know as news outlets
    • Subscription and/or news fatigue (yes, that’s a new word) may be setting in
    • Average trust in news is down 2%-points since 2018 now at 42%
      • France for instance trust in news down 11%-points after. Can you guess what? The Yellow vests movements
    • 24% say they have started using a reputable source instead of the one they previously went to for news
    • 58% say news have a negative impact on their mood
  • After Spotify’s update last week the voices on wether or not they have been smart have been divisive… Here’s just one media outlets voice to the “not so good” side NME
  • 43% replying to a study wanted to subscribe to Disney’s coming platform Fiercevideo
  • Apple wants to reach the Oscar’s scene too now it seems as they’re working LAs best directors to joining a small task force NYPost
  • A brief history of Spotify from Gustaf Söderström CPO delivered at MIT YouTube


  • Paris going crazy over the electric scooters and accidents they’ve been involved in Independent
  • Waymo signed exclusive research program with Renault-Nissan on how commercial autonomous vehicles can work for passengers TechCrunch
  • Boeing CEO says they should’ve been more open in the conversation on what was going on says the Boeing CEO TheGuardian
  • India based space start-ups are gaining investor interest – two in particular: Bellatrix Aerospace (working on non-toxic chemical thrusters) and Kawa Space (Earth observation satellites) in the space monopoly state of India – the India government holds monopoly on launching space crafts in the country NDTV


  • Oculus Quest Mixed Reality capture tools now available for developers to start building for coming generations VRScout
  • Magic Leap sued N’Real for patent infringement and Airbus MR app is selling well NextReality | TheVerge
  • Hologram concerts are becoming a thing – check this out from Base Holograms YouTube
  • It’s out! Harry Potter and the Wizards unite (Niantic’s “next Pokemon Go”) TechCrunch
  • Youtube AR now allows for an in-app make-over session TechCrunch | Pymnts
  • The world’s first virtual female (?) model is signed to a model agency PRNewswire


  • Good report and worth reading if you’re interested in the gaming/console gaming space NewZoo
  • Standard Media Index says the ad market in 2019 is solid, digital growing fastest and video in second Standardmediaindex

Finance & Politics

  • The US-Iran – now conflict – is deepening with Khashoggi, drone take outs, oil tankers and more is escalating the situation TheGuardian


  • Fares Fares debuted the yearly traditional Summer speakers in Swedish Public Radios P1 Summer with a story on a functioning immigration system, racism, fame, movie stars, terror and the importance of family and friends SwedishRadio


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