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From now until mid-August, please expect the media updates to be slimmer and maybe not be sent out on Sunday/Mondays but when I feel they are worthy enough.
Happy Summer!

Cyber warfare is now a real thing and human rights, international conventions and more are in a squeeze. China allegedly conducted a four year long attack on private companies like Ericsson Reuters


  • What could happen if both Facebook and Google launches crypto currencies (we know facebook will) – a complete control of our digital lives? TheGuardian
  • Here is more information about Facebook’s cryptocurrency Libra to be released 2020 and a link to its White paper
  • Alphabet’s future city (Toronto) is coming together TheVerge
  • I really enjoyed reading these articles from the Director of MIT Media Labs on the Resistance of Reduction. Basically, what do we value or simply put. Work to live, or live to work MITMediaLabs
  • Lessons on how to price a minimum viable product Medium
  • Lessons on how to grow a marketplace or similar service AndrewChen 


  • Ted Sarandos – Head of Content at Netflix – commented on the coming “streaming wars” saying it will be a content war Deadline
  • Apple defends their position in Spotify’s allegations TheVerge
  • Smartspeakers are a thing now NationalPublicMediaReport:
    • 21% of Americans over 18 have a smartspeaker
    • Most time is used for music (77%)
  • Global AVOD revenue set to grow to USD 54 Bn by 2024 BroadcastingCable


  • Vivo enters the smartglasses market releasing their headset Vivo AR Glasses NextReality


  • Stats on the season’s IPO results (Lyft, Uber, Slack and more) NYTimes 

Finance & Politics

  • How our plastics consumption may come back and haunt future generations – if not already our own TheGuardian


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