Media update w. 1936


  • A study shows that couples who meet on dating platforms communicate better and tend to have longer and happier relationships WSJ
  • Facebook about to launch a news tab to help fight fake news on the platform CNBC
  • Norway unveils an energy positive building showcasing smar city potentials VentureBeat
  • WeWork (The We Company) acquired rival Spacious ahead of IPO TechCrunch


  • Netflix tests human-driven curation with launch of collections TechCrunch | 9to5Mac
  • YouTube launched a dedicated fashion vertical to capitalize on the fashion community already active on the platform TechCrunch
  • Netflix is also trying weekly airing of some of its shows but will still release full series at once to protect “binging”
  • Apple Music is now available on more than just iOS and MacOS devices VentureBeat
  • FireTV passed 37 M active users worldwide and is laying out European expansion plans Firecevideo
  • AT&T named John Stankey (previously WarnedMedia CEO) as No.2 for CEO Randall Stephenson WSJ


  • The electric scooters are becoming a real thing and a real debate here follows a couple of Swedish and international comments: 
    • Swedish transportation agency are reviewing the scooters right to share the streets SR
    • The Guardian released a special report on the “invasion of the electric scooters
  • Gig workers – such as Uber and Lyft drivers – in California are about ot have their employyment status benefits improved as the State of Calfornia is about to expand their rights as employees to regular part-time employees NPR


  • Minecraft Earth goes live as a closed Beta on Android in five cities TechCrunch
  • Apple posting AR/VR jobs and code in OS 13 reveals they’re working on AR glasses – seems like their up to something… VentureBeat | TheSun | Tom’sGuide


  • The European Series A VC landscape Medium
  • DiDigital reviewed the average salary on 45 technology focused companies with subsidiaries in Sweden here are the results DiDigital

Finance and politics

  • EQT confirms they are aiming for an IPO Di | FT


  • Documentary the Great Hack about the Cambridge Analytica involvements of recent elections. Interviews with those responsible inside the company Playpilot


  • Interview with Alex Stamos, former Chief Security Officer on platforms’ readiness for the next election cycle Megaphone

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