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  • The UK Home Office use AI on the darkweb to find purpotrators TheGuardian
  • Stripe becomes Silicon Valley’s highest valued start-up at USD 35 Bn raising USD 250 M TechCrunch
  • TikTok, another Chinese authority monitoring app? Wired
  • Amazon Echo becomes a ring, a pair of glasses and several new forms of speakers TechCrunch
  • IPO markets for technology companies are struggling Bloomberg
  • The subscription model is coming to the gaming world with Microsoft launching a mobile service similar to a Netflix subscription for gaming BusinessInsider
  • Facebook revealed their 10 year roadmap: AI, Connectivity (lasers, drones, human robots and more) and AR/VR were all a part of it BusinessInsider


  • Netflix acquires global streaming rights for Seinfeld TechCrunch
  • Roku reveals new streaming service hardware and its new OS 9.2 – and it’s pretty sweet TechCrunch
  • Spotify hires for scripted push C21
  • Spiderman coming back to the Marvel Cinematic Universe TheVerge
  • Emmy’s distribution of 2019 – HBO, Netflix and Amazon Prime topping the charts Deadline
  • Amazon currently being the largest buyer of European SVOD rights Broadbandnews


  • Waymo’s robot taxi made 6 200 rides its first month of service in California TechCrunch
  • Zoox CEO says she’ll bring self-driving cars to an event later this year TechCrunch
  • San Francisco granted more electric scooter companies permits to operate in the city by scoring their efforts TechCrunch


  • Apple’s AR glasses are seemingly definitely in the making Wired
  • Facebook Oculus is releasing its version of Ready Player One – Oasis – called Horizons. They have started to map the world with your photos and uploaded content. Yes, it’s real and while they were at it. They are adding AR Glasses to the product suite. Game on! TechCrunch| TheVerge|NextReality
  • Facebook collaborating with Ray-Ban on AR glasses UploadVR
  • Microsoft Hololens updates on how it could increase engineers productivity TheTimes


  • KindredCast let’s the company’s interns speak to what they find more interesting in the Technology and Media landscape the coming 5-10 years Spotify

Finance & Politics

  •  Who was behind the Saudi attacks? NYT
  • Greta Thunberg in US Congress and the UN TheGuardian
  • The Whistleblower report as filed in the matter of President Trump and Ukraine NYT


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