Media update w. 1940


  • WeWork delays IPO, maybe not a chocking surprise TechCrunch
  • Instagram launching reminders to make sure you shop through the platform Engadget
  • Zuckerberg in an internal meeting says they have to and will crush TikTok – and the plan is Lasso Independent
  • AirBnB aims for direct-listing in 2020 BuisnessInsider
  • A GDPR like law will be applicable in California turning up the pressure on large technology companies to comply with stricter privacy policies starting January 2020  Axios


  • Disney bans Netflix ads across all its networks except ESPN and the streaming wars intensify WSJ|CNBC
  • Apple buys UK VFX studio IKinema TechCrunch
  • Netflix is experimenting with freemium by making the first episode of a large serie to be available for its audience in India to drive subscriptions EconomicTimes


  • Uber’s new plan – to be your best app in life – transportation life that is. Adding subways, buses and more to the app TheVerge
  • Waymo valuation slashed amid slower than expected progress of fully autonomous cars Bloomberg
  • Bird raise another USD 275 M landing at a USD 2.5 Bn valuation TechCrunch


  • Verizon acquires all of JauntXR’s technology TheVerge
  • How retailers should/could use VR/AR to amplify their sales Forbes
  • Facebook to build next gen VR headset and gloves UploadVR
  • AR is going to be big – with 5G…. Venturebeat
  • If you haven’t seen what H&M and Warpin built on Magic Leap – here’s a video of how to use AR/MR in retail for a more sustainable future Youtube


  • Electric car sales in Sweden grew 293% the first five months of 2019 and the infrastructure network of charging stations need to be developed to keep pace with the demand growth Bloomberg


  • Apart from rewatching The Pacific I’ve started on the series about the Israeli spy Eli Cohen during the 1960’s Playpilot


  • A colleague suggested I should listen to the Gimlet founders podcast about them starting Gimlet. It’s very compelling and to many of the startup stories I know share a picture of the doubts, challenges, highs and lows a journey like it involve Spotify

Finance & Politics

  • Global betting industry saw a large transaction this week with Flutter Entertainment buying The Stars Group in a USD 6 Bn transaction Bloomberg

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