Media update w. 1943


  • WeWork goes from USD 47 Bn valuation to USD 8.5 Bn valuation and IPO espirer to not so much. Softbank has invested USD 10 Bn to date and now adding another USD 4-5 Bn and with that taking control of the company CNBC
  • H&M adapts new technology when the company opens new flagship store in Berlin. Microsoft
  • Facebook decided to pay news outlets like the WSJ, Washington Post, Fox News and more to participate in its News service. It launched Friday with a test audience of 200,000 Americans and will likely expand soon. A clear shift in the distribution and content world. WSJ
  • H&M to launch leasing of clothes, now why do I place it under “Tech”, well Rent the Runway and other garment rental services are at least valued as tech companies so here it is DI
  • US Lawmakers started an inquiry on the rapidly growing Chinese competitor to Instagram and Facebook – namely TikTok. On potential threats to National Security BusinessInsider


  • Apple is investing in becoming a streaming giant. For all mankind is the company’s first big bet in the space to build a footprint among competitors. Here’s Wired’s story on how Apple is trying to become one of the big players Wired
  • Verizon bundles with Disney+ for 1 year free Disney+. Streaming wars continues to build… Verizon | WSJ
  • Netflix continues to invest in content with debt finance, allowing for an additional USD 2 Bn in debt financing TechCrunch


  • Wing launches the first commercial drone delivery service in Christianburg, VA, beating Amazon to the commercial launch YouTube
  • Lillium completes the company’s first phase of flight testing and have now proved its flying taxi really can fly Engadget


  • Inequality seems to be rising and becoming a bigger concern for some countries. In Chile protests were escalating last week as a result of recent legislations and metrics proving economic inequality is increasing. Demonstrations were ongoing in Lebanon due to a tax on WhatsApp calls, Ecuador because of fuel prices, Chile on transit fares, Haiti on inflation and Catalonia (Spain) on taxations too… BBC
  • Brittish alcohol firms rely on heavy (problem) drinkers for their profitability. Maybe not ideal? Instagram


  • Joesphine Bornebusch’s debut as director in Älska Mig is just great Playpilot


  • Audible launched last week in Sweden and Curious with Professor Micael Dahlén is just great DiDigital

Finance & Politics

  • Statement from William B. Taylor the US’s ambassador in Ukraine in congress on Tuesday confirmed a “quid pro quo” which means a favor or advantage in return for something else. In this case he testified the President withheld military aid to the Ukraine awaiting a favor – the investigation of Joe Biden’s son and his businesses there. Here’s the transcript of the testimony in congress NYTimes 
  • Al Baghdadi is dead BBC | Time and the US relied on support and information from its (former?) allies the Kurdish Peshmergas to reel him in NYTimes. Google Maps updated the satellite images of the compound during the night too… Fast. See below. 

_109423200_baghdadi_syria_map640-ncdownloadScreenshot 2019-10-28 at 09.13.18Screenshot 2019-10-28 at 06.55.47.png

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