Media update w.1945-46


  • TikTok is continuously under investigation from US authorities since the acquisition of Musically DiDigital
  • President Trump’s way of using Twitter has been mapped by the NYT and it shows he is Tweeting more than 3 times as much now per day than he did by his election NYTimes
  • What happens to your returned your e-shopping package? Breakit tracked returns and show some traveled up to 3000 km to get repacked after a return. Sustainability experts comments “that doesn’t feel very sustainable”. Breakit
  • Swedish research looking to make iron production fossil free through Hybrit technology. SVD
  • Doordash raise USD 100 M in a round valuing the company at USD 12.6 Bn DiDigital
  • The “SoftBank effect” a new expression coined saying SoftBank vision fund attracted Gig-workers to start-ups and as the fund’s investments didn’t meet the profitabilities they expected a need to fire its gig-workers was inevitable and those have now been “left in the pit”. Paints a picture of how vary consumers can make impact based on consumption behaviours. NYTimes
  • A visual summary of how Google really makes their money – their Ad engine WSJ


  • Interview with NENT’s CEO on the acquisition of Canal Digital and the opportunity to expand beyond the Nordics. He further remarks that the younger audience don’t watch television anymore. Di
  • The battle of podcasts starts to heat up – Deezer now confirmed they’re adding a dedicated Podcast hub PodNews
  • Niche movie platform Mubi with only 30 movies on the platform (recirculate the library over a month) prepares to enter Sweden DiDigital
  • How Swedish niche production studio FLX became Netflix’ best friend in the region DiDigital
  • Disney+ reach 10M subscribers two days after launch – that must be seen as a successful roll-out. Apart from the service crashing because of higher than expected demand TechCrunch
  • The Economist paints a picture of the end game of Disney+ and the other streamers. Consolidation coming down the road? Economist


  • Singapore takes the legal path and bans electric scooters on walk-paths with fines of USD 1500 for violations Businesstimes
  • Voi confirms investment round of USD 85 M but does not disclose its valuation. The goal however is to be profitable by 2021 or 2022 on the company level DiDigital


  • More and more details emerging about Apple’s push towards AR glasses. Latest news is that their partnering with Valve Appleinsider
  • Spotify launch their app on Magic Leap making the first true Music streaming service available in spatial computing TheVerge
  • Magic Leap is reportedly raising a Series E round Variety


  • Mixpanel report of 2019 – user retention cohorts are slightly lower than last years averages Mixpanel


  • Kara Swischer interview Edward Snowden on privacy, what phone he use and more Megaphone (and here’s a brief summary: Vox)


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