Media update w.1947


  • How Google works your search results WSJ
  • Northzone raise USD 500 M, EQT USD 700 M and Balderton USD 300 M and the golden days of venture funded start-ups seems to continue DiDigital
  • Techy gift suggestions for the holiday season of 2019 WSJ
  • 1Password – a service for encryption and randomisation for passwords that has been bootstrapped for 14 years now raised USD 200 M from Accel for a minority stake in the company 1Password
  • Interview with TikTok CEO in the NYT on how or what or what not to think of TikTok in terms of being a spyware or just an app for music, dance and meme lovers NYT
  • An outline on how the US facial recognition program works and how it collects data – and how it captured its reportedly to date 7.4 M biometric scans Medium


  • How the war between streaming media giants will leave someone or many behind TheEconomist
  • Netflix to shoot their first Scandinavian movie with SF Studios DiDigital
  • How the BritBox is trying to stand up agains the streaming wars TheGuardian
  • Bytedance (TikTok) about to launch music streaming service? That would/could become a serious competitor to Spotify, Apple Music and more DiDigital
  • Spotify adds daily personalised playlist for podcasts – certainly not just an experiment for the platform any longer and I totally appreciate it TheVerge
  • Apple Music about to give Soundtrack Your Brand some competition by entering the Muzak business too WSJ
  • Details about each of the streaming war giants in the US WSJ
  • Edison release first Podcast report on listenings, the segment certainly is growning Podnews
  • Barry McCarthy soon to leave Spotify speaks out about TikTok’s coming music streaming service MusicBusinessWorldwide
  • How to navigate between the streaming services apart from using Playpilot of course… Here’s a pro’s and con’s list of each of the major players TheVerge


  • Tesla announced its Cybertruck – the sixth model the company have launched. The presentation itself didn’t go to well but its revealed anyway TechCrunch


  • Magic Leap loses CFO Scott Henry and Special effects wizard John Gaeta. Henry will remain as advisor to the company but had to take a step back after a spinal surgery 6 months ago MagicLeap


  • The playbook on user acquisition AppAnnie


  • Morning Brew podcast “Business Casual” on the streaming wars Spotify
  • Today, explained boiling down the impeachment hearings with a summary of the “most important hearing” with ambassador Sonnland TuneIn

Finance & Politics

  • Looks like Micael Bloomberg is about to get into the debate of democratic presidential candidates BBC | and yes, he has confirmed he’s in the race NYT
  • How and who to keep track of in the US impeachment inquiry on President Donald J. Trump NYT
  • Iran shut down internet following protests on among others increased petrol prices Netblocks



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