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  • SoftBank vision fund receives some tough wordings in this WSJ article citing some financiers of the fund WSJ
  • MIT listed the 10 “worst” technologies from the 21st century Technologyreview
  • AI ethics should be something we’ve established before and not after… Sifted
  • New York regulators requested information from facebook on what data the company’s apps and test apps gather from its users WSJ
  • TechCrunch listed their best from Mobile World Congress; in general 5G features that will start rolling out, Huawei’s foldable Mate X (USD 2,600), Hololens 2 (USD 3,500), Secutiry features and smartwatches TechCrunch


  • Warner and Spotify show down – the arguments basically hover around Warner not willing to reduce margins as a result of Spotify not managing to sustain solid ARPUs (they’ve declined USD 0.25 over the past year) meaning less money per stream/user/artist for the labels. Hence – they’re not open to renegotiate MusicBuisnessWorldwide oh and Spotify launched in India (another low ARPU country but with huge potential) Engadget


  • Northvolt CEO says 5-7 gigafactories could/should be a reality to meet European battery needs DiDigital
  • Pitchbook made this summary of the ridesharing giants roads to IPO that even more summarize what investors have gained from recent tech IPOs Pitchbook
  • Apple lays off 190 engineers (mostly) tied to project Titan – the Co’s self-driving car project BI
  • Volvo’s Polestar revealed Polestar 2 a solid competitor to Tesla’s M3 reaching a range of 500km and starts at €39,900 to begin production February 2020 Reuters
  • Uber and Lyft reportedly enabling some of their most frequent drivers to take part in the companies IPOs Venturebeat
  • Details on the Lyft IPO Wired
  • Tesla moving more sales online and closing physical locations – they also launched the anticipated USD 35,000 M3 option TechCrunch


  • Microsoft revealed their Hololens 2 at the Mobile World Congress in Barelona. Their strategy is to not wow people with fancy apps but to showcase the usecase of AR glasses WSJ
  • CEO Tim Sweeny from Epic Games (Fortnite, Gears of War etc.) got on stage with Microsoft to say they’re onboard with AR platforms and the Hololens 2 of course Venturebeat
  • How Microsoft may have misreprested the FoV limitations on the keynote in Barcelona RoadtoVR
  • Magic Leap’s CEO Rony Abovitz’ speaks to the importance of Ethics and Moral in the Magicverse Venturebeat
  • Story on that AR/VR developers need to start focusing on what the consumers want instead of what they want to build Venturebeat


  • The 9 months of a conscriptionary soldier in Karlsborg documented by the Swedish Armed Forces themselves Jägarsoldat


  • Very refreshing thoughts from Basecamp CEO on how Venture Capital funding is bad for startups and what remote offices could/should be like Recode

Politics & Finance

  • Possible turnouts of the Mueller probe after the 800 pages sentencing “memo” for Paul Mannafort was released Wired

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