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  • Massive child sex abuse website on the dark web was shut down and several of the people behind it brought to justice this past week thanks to collaboration of hacker groups and various justice departments working cross-national boarders. I feel this was a case-in-point on how the internet is slowly getting some sort of regulation. Uncertain though of how that regulation really should and could work TechCrunch
  • Zuckerberg did a 40 minute speech at Georgetown University saying the company now has 35,000 employees working on security questions and the matter of free speech and how Facebook tries to navigate that space Facebook


  • Bauer media to release the first “Podcast book” or “Book podcast” or audiobook(?) in Sweden, basically a book recorded by audio financed by commercial spots DagensMedia
  • Here’s a mapping of how [vertical important] talent have moved since the early days of the streaming wars to today – that’s over the past 3 years…. LATimes
  • Netflix earnings showed strength in the subscription model but slower than expected growth worldwide BusinessInsider
  • Everything – ang it’s a lot – Disney is going to have on Disney Plus
  • TikTok owner company ByteDance posted revenues of USD 7 Bn for 2018 – better than expected Reuters


  • New study says using electric scooters can increase pollution compared to other transportation means. On average an electric scooter brings – roughly – 150-350 g/CO2 per passenger mile (1,609 km) depending on its efficiency, how far it needs to be taken for charging, battery depletion etc. Compared to a bus ride (per passenger) ≈5-20g/CO2/mile or air travel 184g/mile/passenger Iopscience| SR
  • Volvo unveiled their first fully electric vehicle – an XC40 – named XC40 recharge. It’s powered by Android’s over-the-air update operating system. The company further layed out its strategy to roll out a new fully electric vehicle per year until 2025  TechCrunch | TechCrunch
  • Quantas airlines completes longest ever (19h) commercial flight from NYC to Sydney with a “comfortable” 70min of fuel left at landing. A 787-9 with just 49 passengers, crew and scientists to understand how a flight this long affects the body. The trip produced an equivalent of burning 700 barrels of oil. However this trip marks aviation history. It is now possible to fly to the other side of the globe – quite literally – in one go. Airlines expect long-haul flights to increase over the years to come TheGuardian



  • Youtube adds AR feature for cosmetic ads in AR mode. Now for instance, you can see yourself wearing the lipstick on the ad right in that Youtube ad powered by your camera Engadget
  • Swedish Veckans Affärer says the next big things is Extended Reality – as opposed to VR and AR. Extended Reality is however a combination of the two latter VA


  • The Swedes and the Internet – one of the best data sets of the year. Arguably one of the world’s most consumer technology savvy countries and their users behaviour SvenskarnaochInternet | SvD

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