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  • Twitter decided to make the platform unavailable for political ads. @jack writes: “believe political message reach should be earned, not bought.” and lays out a couple of arguments to why that is – on Twitter of course Twitter
  • Google acquired Fitbit for USD . To meet Apple on the wearables or just to gain more data? Build better healthcare? Or all of these? Wired| TechCrunch | TechCrunch
  • Russia rolls out new legislation that some call a digital “iron curtain” on international data traffic and sources CNN


  • Spotify launching Spotify for Kids app to target the youngest users DiDigital
  • HBO Max focusing on long-form content will launch in May 2020. Here follows more details on how to separate HBO Max (USD 14.99) from HBO TechCrunch
  • Spotify and Netflix are collaborating on cross-over IPs between podcasts and SVOD series. The soon leaving CFO Barry McCarthy posed the rhetorical question “will audio streaming be a winner take all market? Before closing his second last Earnings call exceeding investor expectations Podnews
  • Curious debuted on and with Audible in Sweden and the platform got some interesting press in Sweden as Amazon now enters the home market of Spotify and Storytel Aftonbladet
  • Disney launched a teaser to its Disney+ platform with a trailer to Mandalorian. Disney


  • Evidently not so smart to ride an electric scooter late nights. Most accidents occur then. So many Swedish Hospital St Göran even made a 5 episodes Instagram video about it… SVD | Instagram
  • Fiat Chrysler and Peugeot reach a deal to merge and will do so in the coming months CNBC
  • Check this out – a video from inside a Waymo self-driving car TechCrunch
  • Saudi Aramco planning an IPO – beginning or end of oil? WSJ
  • And Angela Merkel to part-take in the opening of Volkswagen’s new ID3 (EV) factory Monday 4th of November InsideEVs


  • Snap adds 3D (AR) paint feature to its platform making its platform more dynamic for Augmented realities VentureBeat
  • AR/VR world is growing and being valued higher – at least on paper Digi-Capital


  • Which one is the most used emoji worldwide? Well here’s the answer: 1.😂 and First loser is: ❤️  Unicode


  • AppleTV+ launched this weekend and I managed to binge both The Morning Show and For All Mankind – personally I enjoyed the Morning Show better and got sort of sad I could only watch 3eps per series at this point… Playpilot


  • DiDigital speaks to the streaming TV and Audio wars as well as the announcement from Google that their Quantum computer have managed to solve a mathematical equation in 200 seconds that was estimated to have taken more than 200 years to solve for an ordinary computer. So what’s a quant computer? It’s a computer (with a lot of memory and processing power) that can read more than binary (1,0) bits. Basically reshaping computing as we know it going forward. Only it comes with pro’s and con’s. Zeros and Ones have their benefits quant computers will never be able to compete with ordinary computers on, interesting. Indeed. DiDigital| TheVerge

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