Media update w.1948-49


  • How China is learning how to build FaceIDs from DNA by researching on Uighurs NYTimes
  • Apple and Google revealed the best apps of 2019 TechCrunch
  • How Amazon became a (big) part of Baltimore NYTimes
  • Facebook working on travel apps and podcast distribution – of course… NYTimes
  • Google founders Larry page and Sergey Brin steps down as operational members of Google and Alphabet. The end of a leadership era in the most powerful internet company to date that truly have revolutionised how we use, perceive and adapt to data in massive amounts NYTimes
  • The fearless five companies in 2019 listed by Forbes – not sure I am on page with all but still interesting arguments Forbes
  • Russian smartphones and computers will come with a government app(s) pre-installed starting July 1st 2020 Reuters


  • Netflix earmarks USD 420 M to compete with Disney in India TechCrunch
  • Reelgood raised USD 6.75 M for its universal search and discovery service of streaming services TechCrunch
  • Mattel CEO Ynon Kreutz is pursuing a strategy where its IPs are becoming more than physical toys CNBC


  • Ford F150 vs. Tesla Cybertruck? Yup, it’s going down. TechCrunch
  • Volvo Group VC invest in Autonomous Mobility company Apex.AI Avanza
  • Uber released their first safety report. Reporting 9 people murdered, 3,045 sexual assaults and 58 deaths in accidents NYTimes
  • ARAMCO is the biggest IPO ever with its market cap of USD 1.7 trillion having raised USD 25.6 Bn in the IPO TheEconomist
  • Volvo to launch their XC90 at security grade VR8 (ballistic shields) DI
  • Amazon now does 48% of their own last-mile deliveries and the speed of processing and delivery is decreasing constantly Retaildive
  • Waymo released their iOS app in a move that shows it’s about to become a consumer product soon TechCrunch


  • A list of the 25 biggest AR investments in 2019 NextReality
  • Magic Leap reportedly sees steep losses and slow sales of its ML1 TheInformation
  • Qualcomm announced partnership with Niantic for AR glasses production and development Engadget


  • Atomico released their annual State of European Tech report Atomico
  • How the NYC subway map was designed and how it evolved during the years. Lessons to be learned… NYTimes
  • Air pollution (level and whether it’s damaging or not) in your home city visualized and compared with some of the most polluted cities NYTimes

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