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  • Greta Thunberg, the – to me at least – amazing story of how the most important voice shifted from a white male in his 60’s to a young female that sought to unite in a common challenge. Hats off! Time
  • Trump thought otherwise tweeting in affect to the decision naming Greta person of the year though TheGuardian
  • My favourite video of the year was released last week – Google’s Year in Search headlining Heroes. Google Most Googled term of 2019: India vs. South Africa. 
  • Many are they – the summaries of the decade – the one really summarising the transformative tech decade the way I remember it is The Verge’s


  • Swedish companies tend not to establish themselves in the Valley any more – Sweden is equally attractive to stay in DiDigital
  • Five cities top the list of increase in employment in the innovation sector from 2005-2017 in the US. Guess which one comes out on top? San Francisco… WSJ
  • Europe’s top angel investors Sifted


  • Netflix nominated to 17 (!) Golden Globes on the streaming side and 17 on the movies side WSJ showing the service learned how to dominate TV and film in less than a decade TheVerge
  • TikTok Top 100 from 2019 – the year TikTok totally took over TikTok| NyTimes
  • Netflix will distribute the documentary book about the Spotify journey DiDigital
  • Weinstein reach a tentative settlement at USD 47 M as compensation for the women who accused him of sexual misconduct in what started the movement of #metoo WSJ
  • The Podcast industry is heating up, Google adds “Discover” to its podcast app Androidpolice and so does Spotify who starts to recommend you podcasts you’ve never listened to Yahoo
  • FBI broke up an illegal streaming network – I expect we are going to see more of this given the investments in the space Gizmodo
  • What the black-out of TV4 on all ComHem subscriptions really say about the industry – that winter for the linear TV is definitely coming. Ad based linear TV is taking more than a beat from subscription services and content is once again – king SvD


  • How EU’s more developing “Europe First” strategy impacts its car manufacturers in transitioning to more EV production. That too of course impacts/needs batteries and Lithium. Projects within the union seem to make EU producer of 30% of the Lithium across the globe by 2030 FT
  • Northvolt adds recycling capability to its suite of services in order to compete against Chinese battery manufacturers Bloomberg
  • Looking at transportation – check out the largest cruise ship ever built (being built right now) WSJ


  • PWC issued a compelling report on how VR and AR may add USD 1.5 to the world economy by 2030, marks Real estate and Organisational training as two major leaps PWC
  • Magic Leap confirms ML2 will be released in 2021 and gives further details on their enterprise solution Forbes
  • Pearson about to build their AR/VR asset library and republish their educational content – which is a whole lot! – to AR enabled experiences TechCrunch
  • BBC on what VR deployed by public libraries would look like – and it is already beginning BBC


  • A couple of other interesting Year in review statistics I will not share here but are available are Spotify’s, Twitter’s, Uber’s, EU’s, NYT’s, P**nhub*s and some more. 
  • A stunning piece from the NYTimes having had access to 12M American smartphones GPS-pings through an app dataset reveals how much it shows any company, agency or person you give access to your GPS-signals NyTimes

A decade of change

  • It’s been a decade with apps that have changed the way we live, experience and share. Try going back to 2010, if only for a day and realise how the smartphone came between us and the world around us WSJ | During those almost 10 years of Instagram’s existence the face of instagram (the face of those consuming a lot of Instagram) has evolved – at least in some sense. Great piece from the New Yorker
  • I made a quiz with 10 questions of the 2010’s that you can play with your friends on New Year’s Eve for instance 🙂 Mentimeter


  • Driving into the holidays – Rättegångspodden’s story as attached got to me. This time – family and related to the victims/suspects were contacted PodMe

Finance & Politics

  • “Let’s get Brexit done!” is happening. Boris Johnsson won a solid victory to make a Brexit happen. NyTimes
  • The story about A$AP Rocky returning to Sweden for a concert 6 months after spending close to a month as a detainee and was convicted for assault in Stockholm. A story that played into the world politics as it occurred at the same time as President Trump had a famous call with President Zelenski. Returning to Stockholm 6 months after a US President having mocked Sweden and its legal instances certainly brings all kinds of thoughts to life SvD
  • NYSE proposed a new set of IPO opportunities by combining the Direct listing with a traditional IPO emission. A step to please the bankers or to get more technology companies to pursue the IPO path? Techcrunch

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