Media update w. 2001

Happy New Year!


  • Swedish Industrifonden marks its first in five years net losses (on bookvalues) mostly to adhere to Qapital and Soundtrack Your Brand DiDigital
  • Loft – the Brazilian property tech company I guess from a Swedish stand-point you could compare it to Hemnet got USD 175M in a raise led by Andreessen Horowitz. This is interesting not only because it sort of competes with a16z’s AirBnB investment but because it is the funds first investment in Brazil and only 5th in Latin America TechCrunch



  • Golden Globe 2020
    • Netflix didn’t score as many globes (2 of the 34 nominations) as expected TheVerge
    • Ricky Gervais introduction speech Twitter
    • Here’s the full list of the winner of each category TheVerge
  • Richard Plepler – former CEO of HBO – joins Apple with a five year contract at Apple TV Plus. Very interesting move from Apple who clearly emphasise its efforts in the streaming industry NyTimes


  • Tesla starts deliveries of Model 3s Made in China on January 7th 2020 Electrek


  • What to expect in the AR and holographic space at CES 2020 Spectrum
  • Google Search starts rolling out depth-based object blending and occlusion to Android phones with capable cameras. AR is certainly expanding. Imagine this on your Magic Leap or Hololens devices a few years from now. I imagine it as pinching any object and getting a Google search result from my pinch.  9to5Google


  • How big of an area hit by the Australian bushfires – an equivalent of the size of Switzerland. Ladbible/Guardian


  • I got in to yet another series relating to the CIA and conspiracy theories Playpilot


  • A podcast referencing inequalities in Sweden in particular and also establishing the value of the human capital of Sweden being four times that of our physical assets SR

Finance & Politics

  • Quite certain the raid on Suleimani will impact foreign politics in 2020 TheGuardian

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