Media update w.2002


  • Swedish online doctor service Kry raise another EUR 140 M in a round lead by the pension fund Ontario Teachers SvD
  • Best paid Swedish employee 2019 is CPO at Spotify Gustav Söderström with a salary of SEK 322 M/year something artist Lisa Nilsson feels is unfair DiDigital
  • With medical images exposed on forums patient details are exposed – privacy within medical services becomes an issue but doctors say the forums are asked in order to increase chance of cures TechCrunch


  • Consumer spending on streaming services will lead the consumer technology growth in 2020 with spending reaching USD 24.2 Bn. Leading the path to the age of experience where streaming, smart speakers, smart earbuds, smart beds, smart helmets smart everything becomes human centric technologies CTA
  • The streaming wars are certainly on and Netflix could see a loss of 16M subscribers says some analysts. For instance are they losing Friends to Warner TheGuardian
  • Morgan Stanley now dubs Spotify as the #1 podcast player on the market Podnews
  • Swedish audiobook applications keep growing. Both Storytel and Bookbeat show continued growth DiDigital| DiDigital
  • Spotify adds more detailed insights for its podcast advertisers, interesting to me is that although you are a premium subscriber in the original podcasts you still need to listen through the ads. DagensMedia
  • Argumentative article saying recommendations is the biggest challenge facing the streaming companies. Our company Playpilot has the solution TheVerge
  • Quibi is set to launch April 6th, USD 5 per month for the service with ads and 8 per month without ads. As a consumer you’ll get three tiers of content: Movies cut to 7-10 min episodes, episodic shows on equal lengths and daily essentials (news, sports clips and more) CNBC
  • Amazon FireTV surpasses 40M subscribers and Roku 32M with market presence in 100 and 20 countries. CNET


  • Interview with Fredrik Hjelm CEO of Voi about the potential market consolidations in 2020 SvD
  • Summary of the electric scooter wars of 2019 – who comes out a winner is still hard to predict TechCrunch


  • Vuzix announced a new set of AR glasses Venturebeat
  • AR and VR certainly seemed alive and relevant at the CES 2020 with Venturebeat
  • Adding to above is that Zuckerberg claims we’ll see major breakthroughs in tech glasses this decade CNBC
  • Seven learnings for AR storytellers on how to expand storytelling on the new medium with learnings from the motion pictures industry Venturebeat


  • Apart from comments on the civilian aircraft shot down outside Teheran last week at the end of the podcast a recent study on Swedish well-educated women not finding a partner to build a family. Because they cannot find at least equally or more well-educated men because they feel superior and seek “smarter” men. All of this leading to Swedish men in lesser extent get to build a family SR

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