Media update w.2004


  • The EU considering to legislate against facial recognition at least in public spaces Politico
  • H&M Foundation pitched Unfounded Inc. to the top 100 investors on the Midas list to highlight the opportunity in investing in companies founded by women, a most certainly underserved opportunity and segment DiDigital
  • Jeff Bezos phone was apparently hacked by the Saudi Crown Prince – or at least someone who sent a malware embedded in a video in a whatsapp message to him NYT
  • Sonos said legacy products (that meant products roughly 3 years and older) was going to stop working. You would be given a 30% discount to buy new products. Two days later the CEO apologise and said we’ll keep them working but not fully compatible with newer products TheVerge


  • The big winner of the 2020 Grammys was Billie Eilish with best song, best new comer and more Variety
  • Most talked about and trending themes from the World Economic Forum in Davos last week came out to be: 
    • “Climate change”
    • “Positive”
    • “Impact”
    • WEF


  • Tesla surpassed the combined market value of GM and Ford last week. Here’s a nice graph portraying the relationship (see below too) VisualCapitalist
  • GM announced Cruise Origin, the company’s first driverless, fully electric vehcile and said ride-sharing and powertrains as we know them are obsolete GreenCarReports


  • First social media built around Augmented Reality surfaces – and its called Octi TechCrunch
  • Another AR enabled navigation app powered by AI to compete with Google Maps AR. I look forward to having this assistance in my AR glasses in a year or two VentureBeat
  • The five key themes of VR/AR in 2020 according to Forbes
    • Industrial use outpaces gaming and entertainment
    • XR takes off in healthcare
    • Headsets get smaller, more mobile and more powerful
    • 5G opens new possibilities for VR and AR
    • More of us will learn through VR and AR
  • Apple application for patent may show the company is looking into finger powered use and controls of AR objects CNET


  • Sweden came out the largest international donor of foreign aid in 2018 in relation to a country’s GNI, the USA was the largest absolute donor VisualCapitalist


  • Box21 – crime thriller written by Roslund and Hellström Playpilot

Finance & Politics

  • Navigating the risks in the Second decade of the 20th century WEF


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