Media update w.2007


  • The IRS says Facebook owes them roughly USD 9 Bn in tax for having paid too little for leasing the platform to its Irish subsidiary WSJ
  • First case (to my knowledge) of an AirBnB host in Sweden who lose the contract to his apartment having letted it out on AirBnB DiDigital
  • Sony bought Insomniac games for USD 229 M Fandom
  • Are we, the 7.5 Bn people on this planet along with the billions of animals really the only living organisms in all of the Universe? An editorial piece from The Guardian encourages continued research and attempts to search for more life. 
  • Facebook quietly release Pintrest clone app Hobbi TheVerge



  • Codemill with video editing tool Accurate Video raised SEK 20 M and now look for the Swedish Stock Exchange DiDigital
  • Streaming now accounts for nearly 20% of the US tv-consumption now TechCrunch
  • US consumers spend an average of 12 hours consuming media per day. 53% of that time is now through mobile and the share is growing Nielsen


  • Swedish airports getting ready to support electrical aircrafts by 2025 SvD


  • Facebook bought Scape technologies in an effort of what seems to expand on the company’s Horizons effort. Mapping the whole world to create a game similar to Ready Player One VRScout
  • AR/VR engineers now the most sought after commodity amongst developers Venturebeat
  • Apple expands on Quick Look to allow retailers sell directly through AR TechCrunch



  • The end of Privacy as we know it? The Daily about Clearview.AI NyTimes

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