Media update w. 2011-12

Stay safe and take care of each other!

Such a massive couple of news weeks. Output and consumption doubled and tripled on several different. I’ll the Prime Minister’s words into count and follow his guidelines in only citing my top picks.

Citing the Swedish Prime Minister’s speech to the nation (the first time ever a Swedish Prime Minister address the Nation): “Every generation face a time when they have to take responsibility and show solidarity. That time is now.” SVT

Stockholm Medical Services created a self-test for whether or not you could stay home, contact or visit medical services SLL


  • Digital health market doubled last year playing Kry and its likes right in the hands, each visit had an average cost of SEK 450 paid by the Swedish tax payers. Kry’s valuation reached SEK 8 Bn in the last round lead by Ontario Teachers fund. DiDigital. Feels like it will continue to grow…
  • How Swedish Police ended up using Clearview AI in a test case to identify potential suspects SwedishRadio
  • What Instagram could tell us about the spread of COVID-19 TheEconomist
  • Bill Gates left the Microsoft Board of Directors TechCrunch
  • Grocery apps see overwhelming increase in demand Retaildive
  • A smart termometer company could see trajectories revealing the crisis coming to the US before the health system could NYTimes



  • Uber says rides are down 60-70% in cities hardest hit by the virus TechCrunch
  • Voi, Lime and Bird – temporarily(?) – close down in several cities DiDigital


  • Apple is developing an Augmented Reality app for its iPhones and now testing it with Starbucks 9to5Mac
  • Magic Leap releases Magicverse SDK with XR kits for Android, iOS and Unreal making its experiences available to share across platforms and devices Venturebeat and is reportedly for sale Bloomberg


  • Report from Imperial College published by the World Economic Forum that was part of the foundation to place restrictions on schools, pubs, offices and more Weforum
  • One of many Dashboards (but one I like) of the COVID-19 evolution in the world.
  • How working-class life is killing Americans – described in charts. Unhappiness, dispair and marriages are indicators of the unhappiness of Americans NYTimes
  • Why social distancing is more important than any other measure during an epidemic like this one Washingtonpost
  • South Korea managed to quicker than any other country so far reduce the trajectory of infections by testing as many as possible and directly placing every infected person in home quarantine Sciencemag
  • A timeline of the COVID-19 path across the world NYTimes | and in the US more specifically NYTimes
  • History of pandemics visualised Visualcapitalist



Finance & Politics

  • They certainly wasn’t the last but one of the first – SAS temporarily laid off 90% of its workforce, then came Scania, then Volvo, Volvo Cars etc Bloomberg
  • Nowhere near a Corona related news – but Brady has decided to leave the Patriots and rumours have it he’s moving to Tampa Bay Buccaneers WSJ
  • Things are moving fast. Jobless clams in the US more than doubled in a week NYTimes
  • More data on COVID-19. Tests performed. Growth pace per country and more OurWorldInData
  • How McKinsey advise to look at the business risks of COVID-19 McKinsey

downloadDeadliestPandemics-Infographic-13Companies Founded in Crisis vF20200321_WOC909

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