Media update w.2013

Tech (mostly on COVID-19)

  • It’s evident that technology matters even in COVID-19 times. FitBit has recorded drops in physical activities as the virus spread across the world. They’ve also added a “wash your hands” reminder to the device. Look for instance at how much constraints and impacts in Spain have affected accumulated movement of FitBiters FitBit
  • Different ways to digest the data suggest some US cities could face worse outbreaks than Wuhan NYTimes
  • US carriers data traffic is significantly higher than prior to COVID-19 outbreaks. AT&T reports a 50% surge in data traffic and a 100% increase in calls TheVerge– the networks to hold up to the standards though Lightreading 
  • AirBnB – who was headed for an IPO – is now considering raising more money from private investors as the company is suffering large losses due to COVID-19 WSJ
  • New COVID-19 test can return results in 5 minutes TheVerge


  • Very cool piece about the creation and the myth of Kanye West WSJ
  • AMC Cinemas and basically every other entertainment company gathering more than 500 people at each event have furloghed more or less all their staff and closed all locations Indiewire
  • Facebook (and most networks) have seen a surge of more than 50% increased viewership and more than a 1000% increase in group calls since “stay-at-home” restrictions have been added NYTimes
  • Disney+ to launch in the Nordics mid-2020 Telecoms
  • SVOD services see a 5% uptic in the pandemic TBIVision


  • Tesla owner confirms turning the roof mounted ski box backwards reduce fuel/battery consumption Electrek
  • Lyft is referring drivers to jobs at Amazon as ridership sees massive decline TheVerge. Same goes for basically all ride-sharing and transportation companies here are few others: Voi needs to raise more money DiDigital, Lime pauses service in several markets TechCrunch


  • NYTimes compelling summary of the spread of the virus NYTimes
  • Coronavirus statistics by the NYTimes – the most visually compelling (or scaring) graphs to me to date (once I understood them) NYTimes
  • What the effects of opening the US economy could look like depending on when NYTimes
  • The best datasets of COVID-19 VisualCapitalist


  • Been watching Love is Blind on Netflix since we’re two sharing the screen these days… Playpilot and later at night I’ve seen the first two episodes of the HBO series: The Plot against America


  • Making sense on how to create a more efficient team whilst working from home SamHarris

Politics & Finance

  • Swedish FBI (Säkerhetspolisen – SÄPO) published their yearly summary. 
    • Right-wing extremism is increasing fast SÄPO
  • US Jobless claims soared  dramatically whilst ending the longest streak recorded adding 3.2 million people in one week (worst week ever recorded) NYTimes

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