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I’ll share some details on what we’ve done to hopefully better safety for our staff and endurance for the companies. Will write it up this week and post on as well as sharing it here next week. 

I’m also starting to think about the – now what? What happens next? Let’s say we manage to prolong the curves. Then what? I’m working/considering the scenario that things will bounce back – but back to a level way lower than where we were. 


  • Looking to employ in the COVID-19 aftermath or just right now? Check this Twitter threads out Twitter or check out this article for further details on the market TechCrunch
  • Kids daily screen time surge up to 70% during the stay at home times Axios
  • Zoom record more than 200 M daily video call participants, that’s a 20x increase from before COVID-19 Telecompaper
  • Pintrest CEO and a group of scientists release a self-reporting service of COVID-19 symptoms TechCrunch


  • Bird lays off 30% of its staff in the wake of COVID-19 TechCrunch and Voi lets go of several employees too DiDigital
  • Google released their communty movement report – significant drops in movement across the world in the wake of COVID-19 – but is it good enough to stop the virus? Google


  • Podcast distributor PodMe raise SEK 21 M from Schibstedt to build out catalogue and expand platform DiDigital
  • T-Mobile Unlimited subscribers get a year free of Quibi TechCrunch
  • Swedish government supports the media industry with SEK 200 M per year considering impacts of the COVID-19 virus SvD


  • Facebook lands deal with AR screen semiconductor company Plessey to secure potential for AR glasses TheInformation
  • Niantic acquires to strengthen the crew behind Pokemon Go and more TechCrunch


  • Finally the (code to) Swedish data plotted Logarithmically – Thank you Joel! Github
  • Folkhälsomyndigheten’s statistics on Swedish COVID-19 cases Folkhälsomyndigheter
  • The USD 2 Trillion support package for the American economy and its distribution VisualCapitalist
  • Americans still traveling despite restrictions – mostly the Mid-West and South-Eastern states not halting travelling NYTimes
  • Some of the traffic statistics
    • Air traffic: Down >50%
    • Uber/Lyft trips: Down 60-70%
    • OpenTable bookings: Down 100%
    • Foot Traffic grocery shopping: Down 22%
    • Grocery shopping online: Up >400%
    • Truck traffic: Slight increase
    • Subway rides: Down >85%
    • AirBnB bookings: Down >80%
    • Morningbrew
  • Are countries managing to flatten the curve? Yes, some are. But now what? NYTimes


  • I’ve kept watching When they see us and can’t let it go Playpilot even-though I’ve heard the next thing to watch is Unorthodox Playpilot

Finance & Politics

  • Looking back at the year 2020 from 2025 NYTimes
  • Sales of alcoholic beverages in the US increased with 55% last week Newsweek
  • A record 6.6 M new Americans sought for unemployment benefits this week. That’s adding to the (then) record 3.2 M from last week WSJ
  • The Swedish Institute for Economic Tendencies published their outlook for the coming months – it is going to be worse. A lot worse according to them Konjunkturinstitutet

Screenshot 2020-04-02 at 16.41.48anatomy-of-covid-19-stimulus-package-3Screenshot 2020-04-05 at 20.44.13nyckeltal-prognos-31-mars-2020

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