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Read more about the OPEC decision further down…


  • Google searches of for instance “loss of smell” could be an early indicator of where the next hot spot could arise NYTimes
  • Zoom, by now we should’ve all tried it. Here is an argumentative article of why not to use it and Google’s reasoning behind banning its employees from using it TheVerge | NYTimes
  • Long-read about Niklas Adelbert and his shift from Klarna to Norrsken SvD
  • Apple and Google joining forces – yes! – to fight COVID-19 by creating an (or several) app(s) together (Yes! – again) TechCrunch


  • Quibi is out, and it’s free for 90 days. Worldwide. It’s beautiful VOX
  • Storytel added 71 400 subscribers to the service in Q1 and doubled the growth rate the last two weeks of March DI
  • Disney and especially its previously highly profitable parks business is currently struggling leaving the new CEO – along with the former – fighting for the brand and the company NYTimes
  • Quibi vs. Tiktok TechCrunch


  • US energy usage declined by 1% 2019 compared to 2018 with
    • Wind energy increased by 10%
    • Solar increased by 8%
    • Coal decreased by 14% Electrek
  • Electric cars energy consumption comparison InsideEVs


  • Swedish real-estate indication from April and onwards is very pessimistic EU | SEB
  • Another simulation of social distancing SVT
  • MSB results of how Swedes have changed behaviours during the pandemic and asked what they are more afraid of. 
    • That Swedish companies will have serious economic issues after the pandemic  tops concerns about the healthcare being able to weather the crisis MSB
  • Differences between the Norwegian and Swedish approach to society lock-down highlighted by the Wharton School of Economics Dean. Fewer deaths from Covid in Norway. Significantly higher number of people applying for unemployment benefits LinkedIN
  • Swedish health-cares current COVID-19 impact SVT


  • Documentary on Hillary Clintons 2016 run for president – made 2020 Playpilot


Finance & Politics

  • OPEC met and decided to reduce oil production in its largest cut ever. That wasn’t enough for the financial markets. Because production levels are still way above consumption leaving producers producing with a loss. Will that bring free oil markets back and how does that impact world economy? Nobody really knows just yet. It will certainly make and impact though – as “oil on the water” (produced oil loaded on tankers with no destination – just as storage) is about to be maxed out WSJ| TheEconomist
  • US debt in relation to GDP over time – never been higher LinkedIN

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