Media update w. 2016/17


  • Amazon installed Thermal cameras to scan workers for fever BusinessInsider
  • Apple to sell Macs with their own processor chips starting next year Reuters
  • Instagram founders Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger built a Coronavirus tracker as their first project outside of Facebook RTLive TechCrunch


  • Hollywood’s top talent agencies are starting to sign influencers for their coming movies NYTimes
  • Finally (?) a search engine for podcasts Podr
  • In China most of the public is now ok with giving away most of their digital footprints to reduce spread of COVID-19. How does this impact digital life going forward? SVT
  • Netflix added 16M subscribers as home confinement came into place. Does this mean everyone who ever would get a Netflix subscription now has one? The stock now trades on a 7x multiple to its 2021 guided revenue NYTimes


  • Tesla shows data from 3 billion miles of self-driving Teslas Electrek


  • Magic Leap letting 1,000 people go and dropping the consumer business MagicLeap despite this probably is the time where Augmented Reality really could/should take-off. Liquidity and cash-at-hand shows its impact Pitchbook
  • What happens if Magic Leap shuts down? TechCrunch
  • Despite what might happen with Magic Leap, Apple seems continuously focused on building their glasses AppleInsider


  • Microsoft Teams meeting minutes per day reach a record 2.7 Bn – that’s almost 6x growth in a month Microsoft
  • And Google Meet report more than 2M new users every day the last month Google
  • Horrible yet illustrative of the consequences. Add the jobless claims and it all of a sudden feels the the US response isn’t working very well NYTimes
  • 60% of the EU citizens now shop – in some way – online InternetRetailning
  • McKinsey Global surveys of the consumer behaviours – if they are changing amid COVID-19 or not. Answers suggest they will, and they have pretty much worldwide. Adaption to new normals seem to be fairly quick too. McKinsey


  • Recode Media with Matthew Ball – interesting thoughts on where the media landscape is heading in and after the pandemic Spotify


  • With out a doubt – The Last Dance. To watch MJ still sharp in his comments yet smoking a cigar and having his (standard?) morning whiskey while reminiscing some of the greatest sports moments and characters of all times – and by the way did they just throw in interviews with all former presidents still alive too? – is just amazing Playpilot 

Finance & Politics

  • Forbes wrote a compelling article about what some of the most successful countries (in terms of slower spread and lower fatality rates than others) have in common. Female leadership Forbes
  • Continued my oil production research (since I added this note to the Media update, WTI has been in the negative price for the first time ever (!)) Investors basically paid others to take their oil away meaning it was worth more not receiving it. 
    • Volume of oil production per country over time Knoema
    • Cost per barrel of oil WSJ
  • World Economic Outlook from IMF was released. It does not look positive. 
    • Advanced economies are projected to reduce GDP with 6.1% in 2020
    • Emerging and Developing markets projected to reduce GDP with 1% in 2020 IMF
  • EIB has mobilised EUR 466 Bn in additional funding for SMEs in the European Union EIB
  • An unemployment crisis never seen before in modern days probably across the world but most certainly in the US NYTimes
  • Again to the female leaders who seem to have taken more efficient measures against COVID-19 TheGuardian

Other COVID-19

  • Where is the virus? NYTimes
  • How soon will Stockholm reach herd immunity? Some research prognosis says in the count of weeks…. ? Telegraph Only issue was that the calculations had faulty inputs so it is now withdrawn… 
  • What is the year ahead going to look like in the US? The NYTimes gives a beat in speculating NYTimes

I took to the keyboard and wrote some comments of my own of what I think the coming 12-36 months will mean. Nowisourcurtaincall

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