Media update w.2018/19


  • Looking for tech talent? Unfortunately the Corona crisis have left many without a job – here one of the databases with start-up people looking for new jobs Layoffs
  • IvyRevel filing for reconstruction DiDigital
  • Certainly tough times… AirBnB cutting 25% of its staff WSJ and Uber 14% of its staff CNBC


  • No sports means a loss of USD 12 BN according to ESPN
  • Acast partners with JioSaavn for distribution in India TechCrunch
  • Spotify testing in-podcast videos TheVerge
  • Spotify sees more than usual listening and compare the new listening habits to “Like Sundays every day of the week” CampaignAsia
  • TikTok reached 2Bn downloads in Q120 TechCrunch


  • Intel acquired Moovit for USD 1Bn to boost its autonomous car division TechCrunch
  • Uber in talks to save Lime by merging its current scooter business Jump with Lime DiDigital | they did – by leading a USD 170 M investment in Lime Pitchbook
  • Uber displayed its worst result to date losing USD 3 Bn – but Eats grew like crazy in COVID-19 times. Does that mean the company is becoming a delivery company only? TechCrunch


  • US death rates during the Corona pandemic compared to regular seasonalities NYTimes
  • Confirmed cases and deaths of COVID-19 plotted on logarithmic scales from the Guardian TheGuardian
  • Graphics of how the COVID-19 virus spreads and mutates NYTimes
  • US jobless claims, looking at the last 72 years – the available data – from Bureau of Labor Statistics I find 11 months where unemployment in the US have been higher than 10% but never higher than 10,4%. In March and April the country went from 3,5% to 14,7% – the highest ever recorded BureauofLaborStatistics
  • SEB predicts unemployment rates to become the highest ever recorded for the Nordics topping at 14-16% SEB
  • How the food chain was completely disrupted by the COVID-19 WSJ


  • I don’t think I’ve ever anticipated the next episodes of a series as much as for The Last Dance so it’s right back here Playpilot


  • A conversation with the Director of The Last Dance and some insights on how they tried to get the most out of a professional from pre-social media Podcast

Finance & Politics

  • Swedish tactics on the COVID-19 reached the headlines of the NYTimes
  • How to entertain kids at home WSJ
  • European Commission expects steep declines in the European economies by the magnitude of a 7.4% reduced GDP for the whole of the European area during 2020 NYTimes
  • US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo a week ago tied the COVID-19 to a lab in China – but still hasn’t confirmed the sources and details of the confirmation NYTimes


  • Just a great read from the author behind Sapiens – Yuval Noah Harari WSJ

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