Media update w.2023


  • SpaceX successfully launched and docked with ISS TheVerge
  • Slack and Amazon AWS teams up to meet increased competition from Microsoft Teams TheVerge


  • IMdB adds podcasts to its service GetSatisfaction
  • Publishers sue an e-book internet library TheVerge
  • US cinemas are about to begin reopening plan but AMC says the company has substantial doubt they will survive a longer shut down CNBC
  • Apple expands is TV+ recruitments adding the former Amazon Video executive to lead its sports division 9to5Mac


  • Northvolt presents recycling scheme for batteries FT
  • Amazon adds 12 aircraft to its fleet of cargo jets expanding its ground force to reduce shipping costs TechCrunch


  • Racial disparities of the COVID-19 pandemic LinkedIN
  • Minneapolis police use of force divided by race – shows 58% of the times the police used force was targeted at the 19% black population of Minneapolis NYTimes
  • Study on risk of being killed by the US police segmented on race/ethnicity, age and sex PNAS


  • The Netflix documentary about Jeffrey Epstein Playpilot


  • Podcast about disinformation (and the difference between disinformation and misinformation) in today’s fast paced and social media driven news cycles Google Podcast

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