Media update w.2102


  • Magic Leap said to be working on new AR Virtual meetings app called C3 NextReality
  • Kry acquires Stockholm’s health care first line of suggestion service 1177 through the acquisition of Medhelp SR | DI The acquisition raises questions whether it is suitable for a private company to suggest whether or not a caretaker should seek service or not. 
  • Augmented Reality art exhibitions increase in relevance and prices are soaring for the digital assets FT
  • Norrsken Foundation launches Y-combinator like initiative for sustainable development companies Sifted
  • What might come after LIDAR for self-driving cars could’ve been showcased at CES. Here are some of the potential solutions from infra-red additions, stereoscopic cameras and the “Hammerhead” idea. TechCrunch
  • In the fallout of the Capitol riots – Signal got so many new users it stopped working Vox


  • YouTube joins facebook, Apple, Twitter, Google and Amazon to block President Donald Trump from using their platform to communicate with a ban reaching over one week. Only Netflix left to complete the FAANG’s deck of cards. Not sure how Netflix would do that though. TechCrunch
  • Rationals behind Spotify’s move to the podcasting industry SvD
  • Last week I suggested the Sway podcast interview with Parler’s CEO – if you haven’t listened to it. It is a really good podcast. Since then, AWS shut Parler down (it was running on their servers) and now speculations on how it could return has began to open up Vox


  • Ongoing hacks on US authorities are likely of Russian origin says the FBI and NSA TechCrunch
  • A year after the Covid-19 outbreak in Wuhan, China – authorities allow WHO observers to visit and conduct science experiments in the city WSJ
  • Not very nice footages at all from the capitol riot and the violence that it came with NYT
  • Very clear timeline of what and suggestions to how the insurrection of the Capitol occurred on Wednesday January 6th 2021 NYT
  • The different far-right groups’ part of the events at the Capitol, their symbols and ideas in one summarizing article NYT
  • President-elect Biden lays forward a USD 1.9 Trillion stimulus package for the American economy NYT


  • 2020 in graphs and in relation to previous years Vox


  • Midsommarkrisen – about the Swedish political crisis in what could’ve been the Swedish entry to the Second World War Snicks


  • Ekot’s Saturday interview with the head of Swedish Folkhälsomyndigheten SR

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