Media update w. 2103-05


  • Details of what Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp track from your usage Forbes
  • Israeli battery producer StoreDot readies proof-of-concept batteries that charge in less than 5 minutes applicable to electric vehicles battery packs TheGuardian
  • The period and fertility tracking app Flo settled its federal charges over sharing details with Google and Facebook in manors their users weren’t told NYT The app is used by more than 100 million people.
  • Microsoft invests in GM’s autonomous vehicle company – Cruise – valuing the company at USD 30 Bn with a USD 2 Bn investment round to pick up the competition with Alphabet’s Waymo ArsTechnica
  • Wolt raise USD 530 M to build out delivery service for retail Sifted
  • Ericsson, Volvo Cars, HP, Zenseact and AI Sweden launch combined AI hub for the advancements of AI in Sweden DiDigital
  • Coinbase seeks to go public through direct listing TechCrunch
  • How “the Empire strikes back on capitalism”. A Reddit thread (subreddit) r/wallstreetbets initiated a movement of people feeling tired of large funds not providing the returns expected. Therefore the movement started buying GameStop shares, a company shorted by most institutional investors who then started making huge losses on their trades. TechCrunch
    • This movement made the trading platform Robinhood (a name referencing the idea of the movement above to act the way it did) to stop trading in the stock because the company couldn’t secure the trades to the clearing institutes. Robinhood raised USD 3.4 Bn over the weekend to make sure it could bank the transactions TechCrunch


  • Apple planning for podcast subscription service – that’s big news for the podcast industry TheInformation
  • Parler returns with Russian support for hosting the website TheGuardian
  • NYT made a list of all the insults President Trump has made on Twitter over his term as President 
  • Sony acquires parts of Kobalt Music DiDigital


  • Day one of a Presidency


  • EIB conducted a survey on what we are willing to give up to fight the climate crisis: 
    • 40% of Europeans responded they were willing to give up flight travel
    • 18% of Europeans are willing to give up video streaming
    • 15% willing to give up the purchase of new clothes in benefit of Second hand
    • 39% however said giving up their car is the hardest thing to give up

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