Media update 2205

We’re back! Not because of restrictions stopping in Sweden next week but because the time has come. 
In a couple of weeks I’ll be sharing thoughts on the news in our podcast V66-podden (currently in Swedish). 

My ambition currently is to share thought bi-weekly at least. We’ll see… Please let me know if you have any thoughts, comments or ideas to improve!


  • The huge – Metaverse esque – deal of Microsoft acquiring Activision Blizzard (USD 75Bn all cash(!)) tells us Microsoft is aiming to expand its direct to consumer play and see upsides in monetisations within games WSJ
  • Apple now has more than 1.8 BILLION active devices out there and posted record earnings… TheVerge
  • Magic Leap released its Magic Leap 2 – something I’ve been waiting for a long time. It has some really sophisticated new features such as automatic dimming, a significantly larger field of view (FOV) and the perspective is flipped from horizontal to vertical. Enabling easier work in bright environments – like outside – as well as full perspectives looking at another person TheVerge
  • Meta got hammered on the markets losing 25% (USD 230 Bn) of its enterprise value in one day as the company had its first ever quarter of a decline in users. As well as being hit by the interest rate chills showing a weaker than expected financial forecast – something that will – likely – spill over on all advertising driven business (see more on the subs driven businesses below) WSJ
  • Snap posted its first profit WSJ – Congratulations!
  • More than 500 mobile apps now say they are active in the Metaverse Techcrunch
  • Sellpy is now available in Denmark and Poland – and more importantly the proof of a solid acquisition. Implemented on hm.comDiDigital


  • The Athletic was sold to the New York Times for USD 550M – basically an online subscription driven sports magazine with 1.2M subs (meaning USD 458 / subscriber). TheInformation further elaborates on the differences in valuations for media companies. Noting subscription based revenue companies significantly increase enterprise value compared to those without. 
  • HBO Max reach >20% of Nordic households Mediavision
  • Spotify closed down its in-house podcast production studio – Studio 4 The Verge
  • Production studio Legendary (Dune) sells USD 760M minority stake to Apollo says the Hollywood Reporter. A deal emphasising that studios and IP have become cool and sought for investments for financial institutions probably thanks to the streaming wars. 
  • Being a platform providing content – or just being a platform – something that is becoming more and more of a balancing act as Spotify walk the thin line after its backlash of in-house podcast Joe Rogan. Techcrunch 
    I believe we are going to see more legislation and demand from consumers and fellow producers too (!) requiring platforms and distributors to take the responsibility of being publishers

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