Media update w. 2216


  • The SEC suggested new regulations in the Crypto currencies space to protect investors Time | Coindesk
  • Last mile fulfillment (delivery times if you will) by retailer type was tracked by eMarketer
  • Last week I wrote that Elon Musk was about to join Twitter’s BoDs. That’s not happening but he’s still the company’s largest shareholder NYT describes the problem this cause for Twitter WSJ
  • This is just amazing – H&M’s new childrens line of clothing is biodegradable – meaning you can put them in the compost and out you’ll get soil CNN
  • TikTok release their own AR development platform TechCrunch
  • Magic Leap wins design IF design awards for its Augmented Reality headset IFDesign
  • Fashion company Shein now raise capital at a USD 100Bn valuation in a continued competition about the fast fashion market Bloomberg
  • Space is getting crowded – by Internet satellites such as Elon Musk’s Starlink satellites – regulations on the verge – but by whom? WSJ
  • The Tech (current) Bubble (?) that never bursts – great visualisation by the NYT
  • Bored Ape Yacht Club NFT close USD 450M funding at a USD 4Bn valuation Variety
  • Instabox become Sweden’s next unicorn with a valuation of USD 1Bn raising USD 180M in a round lead by Verdane DiDigital
  • On the other side of private valuations – VNV and Kinnevik were both forced to write-downs on their private assets such as Mathem for Kinnevik and any (not communicated which) of Babylon, Voi, Blablacar, Gett, Hemnet or any other of VNV’s larger holdings. The beginning of lower valuations for high-growth non-profitable start-ups? 


  • Average weekly streaming time grew by 18% 2021-2022 according to Nielsen’s yearly State of Play report. Seems like video and social media are competing on time and both are winning, who’s losing?
  • Roku extended its collaboration with Amazon and IMDb TV to its devices TechCrunch
  • CNN+ doesn’t seem to be off to a solid start, less than 10 000 users used the service on a daily basis two weeks into the existence of the product CNBC
  • Disney – the historically non-controversial giant – is coming into focus as the company seek a path that starts to be seen as more political than ever NYT
  • Courtney Holt – Spotify’s Global Head of Podcasts – leaves the company after heading the the company’s podcast strategy DiDigital

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