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  • Andreessen Horrowits resonates around the new markets reduced valuation multiples and how startups can/should consider their liquidity planning accordingly a16z
  • Why and what Apple seem to be betting on in the AR / spatial computing space TheInformation – If you haven’t listened to my podcast with Magic Leap founder Rony Abovitz you can listen to it here V66podden
  • Apple’s board of directors have allegedly reviewed Apple’s AR headset Bloomberg
  • Activission Blizzard to form the first union within the gaming company and the gamin industry following Amazon WSJ
  • Klarna “reports” a loss of USD 2.5 Bn during the first quarter of 2022. Announcing layoffs of 10% of its 7000 employees. Half of the loss reportedly from uncollectable debt. With increasing interest rates – will the business model sustain? DiDigital | TheVerge
  • Additionally Apple becomes a competitor to Klarna as the company announced their own BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) solution for Apple pay purchases Apple
  • Credit Suisse released an interesting report on European Unicorns CreditSuisse
  • More rumours about Apple to announce something AR at WWDC22 as they’ve trademarked “RealityOS” AppleInsider. But they didn’t announce one… See below. 
  • Sequoia is famous (?) for their notes to their startups the latest labelled “Adapting to endure” telling founders to consider an unstable future one where capital becomes more expensive and investors rank solid businesses higher than visions relative to recent years TheInformation
  • Startup layoffs are increasing – a sign investors are probably i) putting increased pressure on reduced burn-rates and profitable business models ii) it is getting tougher to raise capital and defend valuations when cost of capital is increasing (interest rates going up)


  • Snap reports it will miss earnings because of a “tougher financial climate” NYT 
  • Ruben Östlund wins his Second Palm d’Or at Cannes’ 75th movie festival for his Triangle of Sadness TheGuardian
  • White noise making its way into the business league through services like Spotify allowing podcasters to make USD 18 000 per month creating them Bloomberg
  • Apple’s WWDC22 highlighted Apple’s endeavors to blend the physical and digital worlds as they continue to lay the ground work for better enabling of a future headset for MR capabilities even though it wasn’t announced during the WWDC keynote NyTimes. Part of their endeavors included hiring Hollywood names like Jon Favreau to create content for the mixed reality world.


  • Valuation multiples in the new market
  • Countries with more than 30% dependence on Russian and Ukrainian wheat production
  • How we’re learning to be more efficient with battery storage
  • Cost of raising a child in different countries
  • The Netflix cancellations
  • Netflix and Bytedance (TikTok) annual revenues
  • Growth at all cost is no longer being rewarded according to Sequoia Capital