Media update w.2218-2219

Listen to my interview with fantastic founder of Magic Leap – Rony Abovitz, about X-verses, Magic Leap, Mako and what he’s up to next. Link to the V66podcast

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  • The Warpin and PostNord collaboration got featured by Reuters and highlighted by World Economic Forum.
  • Apple’s path on building a microchip company within the company to compete on Spatial computing headset and more WSJ
  • The spread (and yes this is a fairly old article) of misinformation travels at a magnitude of 10x that of actual information through Social media according to a study from MIT published in the MIT Science magazine – Thank you Rony for sharing!
  • Snap is making your cell phone an AR enhanced dressing room DI
  • Google bought a company specializing in Micro LED displays – a sign the company is interested in Augmented Reality headsets TheVerge | TheInformation
  • Amazon seem to be using Alexa voice data to target you with ads TheVerge
  • Snap and Livenation team up on AR experiences from concerts Musically
  • Peggy Johnson on the future of Magic Leap and when and what AR will be WSJ, awesome in relation to the interview I performed with Magic Leap founder Rony Abovitz V66


  • The Obamas are leaving Spotify in order to achieve better reach DiDigital
  • Former President Barack Obama further says social medias are well designed to destroy democracies TechCrunch and outlines a plan on how to tackle disinformation TheVerge | WashingtonPost
  • Spotify now allows all podcast creators to post videos to their podcasts – going video? TechCrunch
  • Playpilot released – in my opinion – a game changing matching and personalisation suggestion service to get individualised suggestions based on your rating history DagensMedia
  • CNN+ shuts down because of internal – well seems like no-one knows – struggle just weeks after its launch. NYT
  • Is content king or not? Here’s a piece that argues it may not be for companies such as Netflix and its likes BenEvans
  • Netflix turning away from the formerly very decentralised decision making system TheInformation
  • Ad spend on connected TV platforms is expected to grow 39% in 2022 to USD 21.2 Bn according to IAB SPGlobal
  • Roku together with PR firm Apollo makes bid for a piece of Starz from Lionsgate Variety
  • Spotify’s podcast report for 2022
  • Disney added almost 8M new subscribers to Disney+ last quarter WSJ

Want to dig deeper into the Swedish inflation? Check out SCB – it doesn’t seem to slow down… 


Remember SPACs? 

Venture Capital losing momentum. 

How Amereicans sympathising with different parties believe in science

WFH seem to remain of interest for employees

Shein keep growing its fast-fashion market share in the US

Spotify and Amazon kept growing paid memberships in the US