Top 3 questions for the coming mandate period

Please note these are freely translated from Swedish to English and the parties are sorted in alphabetic order. If the parties had headlines they are reflected. If they used a bullet point list, the first three are reflected.

Each party’s manifesto is attached to its link.

Center Party
– Preserve the democracy against xenophobia, islamic radicalism, left extremism and nazism. Men and women’s equal rights as well as democratic freedom and rights. Sweden should be a charitable country
– Perform long-term and sustainable reforms for the labor market. real-estate market, taxes and migration.
– Reduce the divide of the labour market and better integration. Anyone who can work should work and support oneself.
Center Party manifesto

Christian democrats
– No-one should have to die while waiting for health care (reduce healthcare cues)
– Protect Her, not the perpetrator (focus on judicial efforts)
– Don’t force the elderlies to loneliness (focus on the retirement homes)
Christian democrats manifesto

– Connect Sweden with trains that leave depart in time – want to build tracks for high-speed trains and reinforce the existing train tracks across Sweden
– Encourage climate friendly and ecological foods – add a tax on imported meat where antibiotics have been exaggerated in the production process
– Save our oceans and water – stop the spreading of plastics, poisons and dangerous substances as well as protecting more marine areas
Greens manifesto

Left Party
– A Sweden for all – not just the most wealthy
– The people should dictate the rules
– An equal tax system
Left Party manifesto

– The school comes first
– Better integration and more jobs
– More EU – more international collaboration
Liberal party manifesto

– Economy, jobs and growth
– Law and order
– Migration and integration
Moderates party manifesto

Social democrats
– A society strong enough to reach full employment
– A society strong enough to support you in every event of life
– A society strong enough to defeat crime
Social democrats manifesto

Sweden Democrats
– Health care politics
– Cohesion in society
– Migration politics
Sweden Democrats manifesto