Media update w.1714

In the midst of the sad events in Stockholm on Friday, technology and security to reduce risk of it occurring again is widely debated.
I hope you and you next of kins are all well and I for one appreciate the overwhelming love and hope that was shown by so many during the weekend – amor omnia vincit.

Sweden’s 33 most prominent start-ups by NyTeknik Link
Industrifonden backs Icelandic fintech start-up Meniga Link
– Summary of a report on the future of Nordic Retail, it suggests 80% of all online purchases will be sold with an opportunity of delivery within 2 hours from purchase Link
Google is now trying a new update method for its mobile applications based on AI compounded information  Link
– Danish studio Pausable release Sway for meditation wherever you are Link
Jeff Bezos planning to sell USD 1 BN worth of Amazon shares per year to fund Blue Origin until it becomes profitable Link
Flipkart raised USD 1 BN from Microsoft, EBay and Tencent to seriously compete against Amazon Link

Lyft closed a round of USD 500 M valuing the company at 7.5 BN Link
Tesla revealed more details about Model 3, and if I may – it looks pretty sleek Link
Tesla passes GM in Market Cap for the first time Link

Spotify may be considering a direct listing Link
Nielsen released their 2016 Q4 total media audience report – media consumption increased – a lot Link
Youtube TV continues to roll out its USD 35 / month service Link

AR received a lot of investments in 2016 Link
MagicLeap acquired Moonbot Studios – an Academy Award winning animation studio Link
HTC launches a USD 7 / month subscription for VR apps to Vive Link
Github link to some pretty awesome (ML-like) photo transformations Link

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