Media update w.2022



  • Twitter for the first time flagged two of President Trump’s tweets and urged users to find the facts about mail-voting NYTimes
  • Thai database leak reveal over 8 billion Thai internet records – as always beware of your passwords… TechCrunch
  • Think I missed this one last week – Facebook acquired Giphy for USD 400 M TechCrunch
  • Bytedance (TikTok’s owner) delivers a USD 3Bn profit for 2019 BusinessInsider
  • Palantir expecting to go public within a year Axios


  • Audible counters Spotify’s bid on podcasts by offering large household names significant amounts for the rights of exclusivity Bloomberg
  • When different sports leagues will return Facebook
  • All streaming services in one list – now more than 200 for movies and television Flixed
  • HBO Max launched last week in the US – here’s what its all about Wired
  • Quibi caved to requests early – now available with AirPlay functionality 9to5Mac


  • Bolt close EUR 100 M funding lead by Naya Capital Management DiDigital
  • Jay Leno got to drive a Cybertruck down The Boring Company’s test tunnel in Los Angeles together with Elon CNBC
  • Amazon in advanced talks to acquire autonomous driving company Zoox WSJ
  • SpaceX completed its launch of the Falcon 9 manned with the two astronauts Robert L. Behnken and Douglas O. Hurley. Marking the beginning of private space travel NYTimes


  • Oculus Quest opens up for businesses VentureBeat
  • TikTok adding AR ads to its service – game changer for mobile AR? Forbes
  • Qualcomm expects fully capable AR devices running on 5G network within 1-4 years VentureBeat
  • Magic Leap CEO Rony Abovitz is stepping down having raised USD 350 M for the company VentureBeat


  • Number of tests in correlation to positive COVID-19 tests indicate that many infected may be asymptomatic OurWorldInData



  • Interview with Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi on how Uber is duing during COVID-19 GooglePodcast
  • Recode Media on why and how Spotify acquired the podcast Joe Rogan GooglePodcast

Finance & Politics

  • #Icantbreathe sparked significant tensions after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis on Monday WashingtonPost| Wikipedia I’ve tried to find relevant statistics on this topic in the US but can’t find anything more recent than 2015 – any chance you know of a study looking at violence crimes against blacks in the US? 


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